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Bench Dog Divas

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"One of those rare treats...3 fearless, funny and fantastic folk femmes playing music that defies description. Run and tell your friends!"
~Michael Wrycraft

In Canada:
'Everythings in Boxes' also available through FESTIVAL DISTRIBUTION!!!
Any local record store can order it for you, or you can call: 1-800-633-8282

The Road Dog Road Dog Divas are: Darlene, Laura & Myshkin ... 3 rascals of the road - alive, animated, bold, cheeky, dramatic, dynamic, goofy, hysterical; rocking their respective worlds.

Bringing three adventurers' far flung musical interests together in one show has created somewhat of a circus. You might call it mad.

They call it ...'gypsy cowgirl cabaret'.

"Powerful songwriters whose presence will silence a room" - Ithaca Journal

"Hybrid folk that colors outside the lines." - the Observer-Dispatch, Utica, NY

"The Road Dog Divas are everything you want in a festival act. Harmonies, stories, energy, versatility.
They are sweet and funny in the family area, captivating on the main stage and can still cause a ruckus in the late night tent."

- Paul Loewenberg, A.D. Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Sudbury ON, Canada

Darlene, Laura & Myshkin, 3 rascals of the road, each a fine songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer, each an exceptional voice, banded together in the summer of 2001 for a runaway southwestern tour. They played Las Vegas coffee bars, ancient desert hot springs, a few houses, fests, cafes, and clubs. At the close of the tour, atop a mountain at High Sierra Festival, they realized with some surprise that they had become a band, and a popular one. People enjoyed watching these women loose their wild sides on each others' songs.

In answer to one fan's insistence on a recording of this three headed beast, the divas went into the studio. "Everythings In Boxes" was released in 2002 and immediately picked up for Canadian distribution by Festival Records. The band hit the road again that summer, this time in Canada, ending with great success at the Vancouver Folk Fest.

Bringing three adventurers' far flung musical interests together in one show has created somewhat of a circus. You might call it a craze. They call it gipsy cowgirl cabaret, and they now tour it a few times a year. The rest of the year each is busy with her own full time act. Laura Freeman plays her music solo and with various sidekicks ( and a has a wonderful eco-minded kids show ( Darlene has a stunning solo show and a vocal improv workshop (, and Myshkin is touring as much as possible with her beautifully unique trio Myshkin's Ruby Warblers (


About the Divas:

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